Terms & Conditions

EICMA SPA, organizer of the EICMA RIDING FEST event to be held at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli (hereinafter, also the "Circuit") on April 27 and 28, 2024 (hereinafter referred to as the "Event") adopted terms and conditions provided herein (hereinafter, "Terms and Conditions") to the purpose of regulating the rules of behavior of visitors, operators, journalists and other users (hereafter referred to as "Visitors") who access, on occasion of the Event, the Circuit or other places however referable to it, as a result of the registration/accession procedures prepared through the official channels of the Event. To access the Event the Visitor Must possess a valid entry qualification obtained through the official channels of the Event (Website www.eicma.it).
In addition to the Terms and Conditions, the Regulations of the Circuit, approved by Santa Monica SpA, available on the website www.misanocircuit.com to whose integral observance Visitors are bound.


1.1 Visitors who are not accompanied by an adult must be 14 years of age or older;

1.2 All Visitors, when registering online, must provide truthful information about their identity and activities. In the case of false statements, the person concerned will be liable to prosecution as prescribed by theLaw.

1.3 The admission ticket is strictly personal and non-transferable.

1.4 The admission ticket is valid for the entire 'Event, each time you re-enter it will have to be re-shown.

1.5 Admission tickets may be shown either in hard copy or in electronic format.

1.6 The admission ticket may not be transferred or given to a third party for commercial, advertising or promotional objectives.

1.7 EICMA S.p.A. is not liable for any attempts to duplicate/ forge the tickets

1.8 Tickets are electronic(.pdf) and must be downloaded from one's account and printed. It is recommended not to resize the ticket in printing stage so as not to make the bar code unreadable. In case of reading problems, it is the responsibility of the holder to re-print the ticket.


2.1 EICMA SPA reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule the Event and/or related events scheduled on its calendar.
Visitors also aknowledge that certain facts such as  adverse weather conditions, security and public order reasons, causes of force majeure or other factors beyond the control of EICMA SPA could result in the cancellation or rescheduling of dates and times of the Event. In such cases, all liability of EICMA SPA is excluded for any costs, burdens, expenses, damages borne by the Interested Party in view of participation in the Event.

2.2 Visitors also note that certain facts such as  adverse weather conditions, security and public order reasons, causes of force majeure or other factors beyond the control of EICMA SPA could result in the cancellation or rescheduling of dates and times of the Event.In such cases, any liability of EICMA SPA is excluded for any costs, burdens, expenses, damages borne by the Interested Party in view of participation in the Event.

2.3 Similarly, EICMA SPA shall in no way be liable to be held responsible for any costs, charges, expenses, damages incurred by the Interested Party with a view to participating in the Event in the event that the Visitor, for reasons beyond the control of EICMA SPA, does not attend the Event.


3.1 EICMA S.p.A. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to reject entry to Visitors whom they deem inappropriate also in order to the assessments by the Public Safety Authority

3.2 The Visitor is required to abide by the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Regulations of Santa Monica S.p.A., as well as any additional rules that EICMA S.p.A. will consider to adopt also because of the participation to specific activities.

3.3 In addition, in order to enter the Event and remain within the Circuit, the Visitors:

- Shall behave in a manner consistent with relevant regulations of public order and safety and do not pose a threat to the safety of the Event in general or for the visiting public.

- shall not interrupt or disrupt or attempt to disrupt the smooth running of activities within the Event;

- For their own safety and the safety of any under-14-year-old accompanied by the visitors themselves, are required to give their utmost attention, to employ the utmost caution and diligence within the Event and to comply with the notices and behavioral rules displayed Within or near the Circuit.

- Minors under the age of fourteen may enter the Event (if ticketed) only if accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility  (a person who is at least 18 years old), who shall also be required to give, on behalf of the under-14-year-old, any consent required for the purpose of processing personal data.

3.4 No introduction is allowed within the Circuit of:

- Firearms and other instruments that may be offensive or harmful to the physical and/or mental safety of people ( by way of example and Non-exhaustive: guns, explosive devices, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, toy weapons, reproductions and imitations of firearms that can be mistaken for real weapons, electric shock batons, chemicals, gases and sprays capable of producing disabling or immobilizing effects, acids and animal repellents, knives, blades, cutters, scissors, etc.);

- Trumpets and musical instruments of all kinds, megaphones and other systems of sound emission or amplification and other objects that can pose a danger to the safety of those present within the Circuit and cause disturbance, i.e. impair the regular performance of the Event;

- Narcotic substances, poisons, harmful substances, flammable materials, paint or other soiling material.

3.5 Visitors, as a prerequisite for access to the Event, lend their consent to security checks, possibly including with the use of metal detectors, before and during the visit at the Circuit, where requested by the public authority. In the context of said control activities and security, in order to prevent the undue introduction to the Event of materials and substances prohibited by the Terms and Conditions or the Rules and Regulations of Santa Monica SpA, Visitors may be asked to show the contents of bags, backpacks or any other luggage or personal items carried.

3.6 The visitors agree that in the performance of their inspection duties, the security and control personnel employed by EICMA, among other things, proceed to the following activities:

- Controls at public access:
- guarding the Event entrances and regulating the flow of public;

- verification of whether the person has a valid access title and, in the case of named ticket or a minimum age requirement for access, verify of the identification document, and compliance with the provisions that regulate access;

- Visual cursory inspection of people, aimed at checking for any Introduction of substances prohibited by Terms and Conditions, with possible Communication to the police and other authorities or relevant public bodies;

- Controls within the areas involved in the holding of the Event:

- Generic observation activity to verify compliance with the provisions, prescriptions, or rules of conduct established by  public or private individuals;

- support in first response procedures, which does not involve the exercise of public functions, nor the use of force or other means of duress or exposure to risk profiles, aimed at preventing or disrupting Conduct or situations potentially dangerous to life or health of persons. The immediate reporting to the Police and other relevant public authorities or facilities, to which, upon request, shall be given full cooperation, remains unaffected.

3.7 Inside the Circuit it is forbidden to engage in any behavior that may Generate dangerous situations and/or put personal safety at risk of Visitors or third parties and/or any behavior contrary to the public order and/or decency and/or that may, in any way, disturb the smooth running of the Event and the activities of EICMA, including, for example:
Smoking in areas that are not reserved for it, gambling, collecting
Unauthorized money, promotional activity (individual or group), any form of advertising or marketing activities carried out with any medium and not authorized by the competent offices of EICMA, any form Of protest activities (including those related to political, associational, union or religious), unauthorized transmission and/or recording of data, for commercial purposes, through cell phones or other means (cameras, recorders, etc.), the access of unauthorized reporters and journalists with recording equipment and/or cameras, photocameras, attempts to gain access to restricted areas, requests for money or other assets without being authorized (e.g., for musical or entertainment activities at the entrance or within the location, begging, scalping, etc.).

3.8 Violation of the above provisions will be reported by EICMA to the

Competent Authorities and will be considered by EICMA as serious non-compliance to the obligations undertaken by the Visitor - who will be removed from the Event – with consequent compensatory liability on the latter for all the Damage, including image damage, if any, suffered by EICMA.

3.9 Evacuation In the interest of public safety, EICMA S.p.A. reserves the right to ask Visitors to leave the Circuit, or parts thereof, at any time. At the end of the event, visitors should head orderly to designated emergency exits. No admission or readmission is allowed before or after the conclusion of the Event.


4.1 Visitors, by participating in the Event, gain access to a "place of public character." In this regard, EICMA SPA informs that, through. own personnel and/or specifically appointed professionals, they may proceed to acquire photographic images and/or general video footage, to document and promote by any means the Event (and, therefore, among other things, on its website, social channels,  related editorial products and in any other print and digital information media. By participating in the Event, the Visitors, for themselves and for any minors of fourteen years of age accompanying, agree to be photographed and/or video recorded in a recognizable way.

4.2 Visitors shall not be entitled to any consideration or compensation of sort for the use of the above materials.

4.3 Visitors also note that, as reported by appropriate signs, all areas outside and inside the Circuit, for safety reasons, are subjected to video surveillance. The images taken through such means may be made available, upon request, to the judicial authority or law enforcement.

4.4 Images, videos and sound recordings made by visitors during the Event may not be used except for domestic and private purposes. Therefore, visitors may not, among other things, market, grant in use by third parties (for free or not), disseminate, broadcast, publish or otherwise exploit such material.


5.1 EICMA assumes no liability for damages arising from the Visitors for facts not attributable to EICMA itself nor for damage caused by Visitors to third parties and/or their belongings.

5.2 EICMA cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from the careless or negligent behavior of visitors;  Visitors are required in all cases to observe the utmost diligence and caution while attending the Event.

5.3 Any incident involving Visitors must in any case be immediately reported to supervisory personnel for direct verification on the state of places and things and for related certifications; in any case, failure to immediately report by the Visitors releases EICMA from any possible liability towards the Visitors.

5.4 In addition, EICMA cannot be held liable for  unforeseeable and/or indirect damages suffered by Visitors.


Visitors' personal data, including any data provided at the time of of access to the Event, and their images pursuant to Article 4 above, will be processed by EICMA as Data Controller in accordance with the information issued by them pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation European No. 2016/679 ("GDPR"), which can be accessed on the EICMA website (www.eicma.it)


Visitors must observe any specific regulations issued for individual areas, which, in this scope, are understood to be fully recalled.


8.1 These Terms and Conditions, brought to the attention of the Visitors through the display at the entrance and inside the Ciricuit and on the website, represent the only existing contract between the Parties. By obtaining an access ticket and exhibiting it at the time of of the entrance to the reception staff the visitors confirm and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

8.2 These Terms and Conditions, drafted in Italian as the official language, are governed exclusively by Italian law. Any dispute concerning the same shall be devolved exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Court of Milan without prejudice to the application of  mandatory rules.

8.3 EICMA SPA reserves the right to modify at any time the Terms and Conditions. A current copy of the Terms and Conditions will be disseminated within the event website www.eicma.it and will be immediately effective upon disclosure.



EICMA provides areas for product testing:

- the international track at the Misano World Circuit, called TRACK EXPERIENCE

- an off-road area called OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE.

- An area dedicated to Mini Tours on hilly and asphalt area named


- An area dedicated to two-wheel startup and 125cc testing referred to as HASHTAG125

- A dedicated two-wheel start-up area for children from 5 to 12 years old named EICMA FOR KIDS

The above areas below will be referred to as "trial Areas."

Trial Areas can be operated directly by EICMA or by third parties.

Compliance with these "Trial Areas" regulations is mandatory in order to Protect your safety and use the areas properly.

ART. 1

1.1 The entrance to the above areas is exclusively dedicated to the testing of products that have been made available for this purpose by exhibiting companies.

1.2 It is absolutely prohibited to enter these areas on foot or with any other medium.

1.3 It is forbidden to leave the marked track.

1.4 It is prohibited to travel through the Trial Areas in a direction opposite to the one indicated or, in any case, in deviation from the directions possibly given by EICMA or the Circuit officials.

ART. 2

2.1 Access to the Trial Areas is allowed only to those who possess an appropriate driver's license and signed the appropriate  discharge of liability that will be made available at the Trial Areas.

2.2 Access to the trial areas is allowed only when wearing an indentifying wristband that will be delivered by EICMA (or a third party) upon delivery of duly completed and signed liability release documentation.

2.3 Access to the Test Areas and its tracks involves the user assuming full responsibility for his or her own conduct, of the consequences arising therefrom and full acceptance of the Trial Areas Regulation.

ART. 3

Test Areas may not be used for purposes other than those expressly mentioned in these Trial Areas Regulation, unless written waivers from the Organization are issued.

ART. 4

Minors under the age of fourteen: adult accompaniment required , parent (or custodian) who must complete and sign the discharge of responsibility for the minor under 14 years of age.

ART. 5

5.1 Access to the Trial Areas is allowed only when the areas are regularly open.

5.2 The Trial Areas may be closed at any time for cause of force majeure (bad weather, security reasons, etc.) or for unquestionable need or EICMA or Santa Monica.

5.3 Compliance with and observance of present signage is mandatory in the Trial Areas.

5.4 It is also mandatory to follow the directions of the staff in charge of the management and security of Trial Areas.


6.1 It is mandatory to keep the speed under control at all times in relation to to the tracks and one’s own capabilities.

6.2 It is mandatory to maintain minimum safe distances with the user ahead of you, if there are users not moving on the track you need to slow down immediately, avoiding stopping on the way.

6.3 When parking, it is mandatory to vacate the area and remain in a safe and highly visible location.


Proper helmet, clothing and equipment must be worn and be in the most efficient condition.


8.1 There may be jumps, walkways, bridges and other artificial structures in the Trial Areas. Before tackling them, check carefully that they are within your reach, if you have any doubt avoid them, and use the appropriate variants.

8.2 It is prohibited to modify and/or tamper in any way with routes or facilities.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the marked tracks.

ART 10

It is strictly forbidden to use the Trial Areas and its tracks under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise in a non optimal psychophysical state.

ART 11

Misbehavior on the Trial Areas and failure to comply with this Regulations provide for the cancellation of the access ticket, the immediate removal from the Event, except, in cases of significant harmfulness or danger to themselves or others, the intervention of the competent authorities.

ART 12

Give first aid if you are involved in an accident or find yourself in the vicinity. Call Rescue (112) or EICMA or Santa Monica at. + 39 0541618568